Letter from FRC & RMVP

Hi! My name is Beka Bruner, I am the Formal Recruitment Chair for ADPi. I want to welcome all potential new students to our website! Greek life at Centre is not quite like Greek life elsewhere. We are a close knit community that welcomes everyone. What I really enjoy about Greek life is how all the sororities and fraternities work together to help their respective philanthropies. One of my favorite Alpha Delta Pi memories is when we did our event Pie a Pi where students at Centre paid to throw a pie in an ADPi's face. Not only was it hilarious, but a lot of students from each chapter as well as non-affiliated students came out to support our philanthropy, the Ronald McDonald House!

Not only does ADPi throw events to support the RMH, we do a lot of events for fun also! This past year we held a hot coco bar at a CC after dark and it was a lot of fun singing and being silly with sisters. We also had a spectacular Halloween party! One thing I LOVE about ADPi is that I can be my wild, loud, and crazy self and I know my sisters will love me no matter what. We pride ourselves on being who we are.

Our sisterhood bonds are close and unbreakable. We are always there to support each other through thick and thin. It's my home away from home, and I encourage everyone to find theirs.

Alpha Delta Pi

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