Campus Recruitment

Recruitment is during the Spring semester to allow incoming students to get adjusted to college life before considering Greek life. There are four days of Formal Recruitment. The 1st night is Philanthropy night where each Sorority talks about their organization and do some sort of activity that will benefit it. Alpha Delta Pi’s philanthropy is the Ronald McDOnald house, so sisters emphasize the “house of love” that night. The next night is skit night where Potential New Members can learn about how wonderful Alpha Delta Pi is through skits. Next is Preference Night where sisters share a special ritual and heartfelt messages from sisters. Finally, there is Bid Day, the most exciting day of Recruitment. PNMs will be gathered to the warehouse if they receive a bid from a sorority. If they choose to accept this bid, they will gather with members from their class and run home to their respective sorority houses. The day is then filled with dancing, games, laughs, and the Alpha ceremony where a woman will begin her journey to become a full member of Alpha Delta Pi.

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